Benefits of Seeing an Independent Dentist

You receive personalised care that is focused on your individual needs and preferences by a dentist you know and trust. This delivers better outcomes as it is tailored to your circumstances by your dentist who knows your full history.

Compared that to being lumped in amongst thousands of Health Funds Members at Insurance Fund owned or contracted practices.

IDN dentists enable you to exercise your freedom of choice of all possible treatments and timeframes that suit your budget and affordable finance options to cover long-term treatment plans.

Choice Magazine stated there is no value in Health Fund Ancillary Insurance – IDN practices offer patients a way to self-insure and get 100% value for every dollar,

Benefits of an IDN Dental Practice Include:

  • Choice of a Dental Practice of your preference – not a Health Fund nominated location by a dentist you don’t know .
  • Continuing access to the individual dentist of your choice – not an allocated dentist.
  • Development of a long-term relationship with your personal dentist who knows you as a person
  • Treatment from a dentist who knows your full treatment history and preferences
  • The opportunity to plan and forward budget for your dental needs and eliminate the financial strain of health Fund Gap payments
  • Importantly there are no penalties imposed by way of reduced Health fund rebate for choosing your preferred dentist
  • There are no restriction on treatments available due to Health Fund exclusions or qualifying periods.
  • The means to self-insure and get full value of your dental dollar not a percentage after Health Insurance Fund administration and marketing costs.

With Health Fund premiums rising well above inflation each year and increasing treatment exclusions self-insurance is an attractive option. At an IDN practice you can take control of your dental costs by forward saving for your personal Dental Plan designed to suit your budget.

IDN practices offer you the security of long-term treatment with the dentist of your choice…